Treatment Specialties in Counseling

serving individuals (adults & adolescents), couples, & families

Aggression & Conflict
Separation, Divorce
Partner Abuse or Domestic Violence
Marriage Counseling/Couples Counseling
Non-traditional Partnerships, including Same-Sex Couples
LGBTQ/Gay/Lesbian Issues
Life Coaching & Career Counseling

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Counseling Rates

  • $60 per adult (50 minute) session

  • $75 per adolescent session, includes brief parental consults

  • $85 -$100 per standard couple session (60-90 minutes)

  • Therapeutic Groups: $25-$50 per person, per group session

  • Brief Solution Oriented Therapy for Conflict Resolution: $150 per hour

  • Mediation Rates: $250 per hour, call or email for additional details

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About Us

Dawning Phoenix is a full service clinical counseling practice providing effective solutions to life’s problems. Conflict Resolution is provided in multiple formats depending on client need.

Private therapy, for individuals, couples & partners, as well as families, is available. Rates begin at $30. Coaching sessions begin at $60 per hour. Groups and adolescent therapy are also offered, rates vary. Please ask!

Rates for private therapy begin at $60. Associate counselors and sliding scale fees are offered at lower rates, when available.

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Affordable counseling is now available through Dawning Phoenix in Gainesville!

The Phoenix is a well-known mythical bird; reborn of fire. Its presence and symbol have appeared across a broad range of cultures throughout history. The Phoenix frequently represents rising from ashes and taking flight to greater heights. The Phoenix often symbolizes clear vision, inspiration, and survival; a blending of old and new when challenging circumstances present themselves. For many individuals, this image can sustain them during times of painful change.

Working with clients on life satisfaction, personal growth, and enhanced relationships create a higher quality of living and bring deep meaning to life experiences. Counseling or coaching can help. Coaching is a goal-oriented, non-health care service meeting work-life balance needs or assisting clients with specific life goals. Working with clients on their most challenging issues requires a deep understanding of the individual, couple, family, or group seeking help, and counseling is valuable in these situations, especially more complex psychological, emotional, or relational difficulties. At Dawning Phoenix, you have a choice among a variety of services depending on client need. Counselors at Dawning Phoenix apply expertise to each client, whether the client is an individual, a couple, a family, or a support group united in a common goal. We maintain and improve our knowledge base in order to offer unique perspectives and insights to our clients. Our approaches are designed to assist others in the process of improving themselves and their lives. Don’t underestimate the importance of professional counseling or qualified coaching during a period of growth or crisis. Add a major stressor to day-to-day challenges, and someone may buckle under the strain of overwhelming demands. Many of us may occasionally lack the skills we need to cope with complexities of life, especially during times of transition or difficulty. Contact us; we can help.