Anxiety: How & Why?


Anxiety seems to be a common malaise and presents frequently in counseling, and often in a variety of contexts, not just individual therapy & “generalized anxiety disorder“. Someone said to me recently: “Anxiety is culturally induced!” and that statement really resonates.

Discussions in a therapy session can range from a) what to do about a distressing symptom to b) how anxiety might have developed for the individual or c) the broader issue of anxiety’s origins for so many people in general.  Speculated reasons include changes in modern life and how just daily chaos can overwhelm a brain trying to catch up, to the onslaught of negative information coming through so many forms of media, to a near constant demand of being available to all;  whether it be a boss, family, friends, or customers, and often through technology, especially an electronic mobile device. These demands create constant noise and little, if any, ‘quiet time’. The featured article presents many points that come up often in therapy: If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, whether it seems to have always been a problem, or just developed, consider finding a therapist matching your needs and try a few counseling sessions to reduce the stress!

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