Bert Levitt, MA, LPC

Bert Levitte, licensed counselor Gainsville GA


Bert Levitt MA, LPC has been working with couples and individuals for over 38 years. He has seen firsthand that everyone has within them, the ability to change, and is honored to assist clients in that process. The skills set that Bert brings to his practice comes from a wide array of sources and experiences.

He has worked with abusive partners, addicts, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, chronic pain syndrome, and numerous other conditions, as well as all sorts of life and relationship issues. Working with couples to clarify intentions and act skillfully is a special focus.

His marriage of 35 years has been his greatest teacher in couples counseling. Bert also teaches meditation including mindfulness, loving kindness, relaxation, and pain management practices.  He is skilled in working on spiritual issues with individuals and couples.  Bert supports clients as they navigate difficulties and grow toward greater love and presence in their lives.

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