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, Blog – Communication in Couples, Couples Counseling, Coaching, & Conflict Resolution l Dawning Phoenix LLCEveryone wants to know what makes couples happy, what contributes to successful relationships that last a lifetime, or what contributes to the break down, and unfortunately, the break up, of a previously loving partnership. At Dawning Phoenix, we provide couples or partners counseling, brief solution-focused therapy for resolving conflict or improving communication, pre- or post- divorce counseling and specialize in couples’ dynamics. See the resources tab at our website for an article link to habits of happy couples (https://dawningphoenix.com/recommended-reading/) and examine if you have habits that could potentially hurt your relationship (https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-older-dad/201506/5-things-can-kill-your-relationship ). Communication is a key element to understanding your partner and having them understand you. Gainesville-based communication expert Bill Lampton has a great little brief CD about communication between spouses, which can be found on our recommended reading list at https://dawningphoenix.com/recommended-reading/ . In addition, Bill and his wife Sandra have a blog about making relationships happily last more than 50 years http://livebiggerlovebetter.com/ .

Call us about couples counseling if you’d like to improve your partnership; we would be happy to help!

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