More on Dealing With Grief

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More on grief: While sharing grief with a friend recently, I thought about how each of us can be affected differently by deep loss and how sharing that effect can be difficult to explain. For instance, we may think life prepares us for the loss of a parent, since we expect to outlive our parents […]

How You Can Reduce Tension in Your Workplace

In this interview, Clinical Psychotherapist Dawn Echols discusses how you can reduce tension in your workplace, so you will communicate more clearly and productively.

Meet Our New Intern!

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Michelle McGowan   Michelle McGowan is a graduate intern, counseling adolescents and young adults aged 12-25, as well as individuals and premarital couples, under supervision at Dawning Phoenix. She is pursuing her Masters of Science degree in Clinical Counseling and Psychology at Brenau University, with an expected graduation date of May 2020. Michelle earned her […]

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Dawning Phoenix is pleased to announce…

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Dawning Phoenix is pleased to announce an intern will be joining our practice May 2018. Intern rates are $30 and represent a great addition to our service lines because they are often much more affordable than fully licensed counselors with multiple specialties and credentials. Interns are highly engaged in the learning process and have access […]

3 Important Steps for Rebuilding Your Relationship After Substance Abuse

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3 Important Steps for Rebuilding Your Relationship After Substance Abuse -by Caleb Anderson Photo via Life rarely happens exactly as we have planned. When the heart-breaking or challenging situations arise, we are faced with the decision to endure them or to give up and walk away entirely. This is especially true in a romantic […]

Social Media and Private Pain

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From the desk of Counselor Dawn Echols: “Social Media and Private Pain” Several weeks ago, a friend called me out of the blue. Even though we have some common interests and don’t live terribly far apart, our paths don’t often cross, so when this person’s number appeared in caller ID, I made a point to […]

Communicating Constructively During Tragic Events

In this video interview, professional counselor Dawn Echols advises us about communicating effectively when tragic events surround us.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Powerfully to the point; this TED talk is timely during Domestic Violence Awareness month. Some of the comments in the feed are well worth additional reading. Be sure to listen to this brief TED talk: “I never once thought of myself as a battered wife. Instead, I was a very strong woman in love with […]

Are You Accountable To Create Change in Your Life?

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Are you interested in fitness and nutrition, as well as working in occupations that allow more control over your potential income and day-to-day choices at work? Dawning Phoenix LLC offers: Coaching Services Work-Life Balance Personal Growth Self Esteem Life Satisfaction Career/Job Performance We utilize lower fees through a reduced cost model by not accepting insurance, […]

Counselors Improve Quality of Life!

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Dawn M. Echols, M.S., LPC – Owner & Executive Director Dawning Phoenix, LLC – counseling, coaching & conflict resolution Voluntarily Clinically Qualified (NCMHCE/Exam), March 2014 Member – LPCA of Georgia, Board Member/Volunteer Member – North American Society of Adlerian Psychology, Georgia Society of Adlerian Psychology Formerly registered mediator, trained in mediation/conflict resolution Specialties include anxiety, aggression, domestic […]

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