Brooke M. Williams-Turk, M.S., LAPC


Brooke Williams-Turk is a post-master’s counselor under supervision at Dawning Phoenix, LLC . Ms. Williams-Turk offers counseling at lower-than-average fees to provide accessible services to clients in need.  Brooke holds a Master’s of Science degree in Clinical Counseling Psychology from Brenau University and earned her undergraduate degree in psychology from University of North Georgia. She is in the post-graduate licensure qualification period for becoming an independently licensed professional counselor, with her licensed associate professional status in process and pending approval. Brooke’s theoretical orientation is from a systems perspective, with additional skills and strengths in cognitive behavioral therapy. Brooke sees adolescents 13 and up, as well as individual adults, couples and families. Brooke specializes in cognitive processing, memory, and behavioral change for adults and teens seeking sustained life improvement. Ms. Williams-Turk has a background in assisting group therapy with parents and children experiencing difficulties with behavioral, emotional, and attention problems. She has worked in substance abuse, domestic violence, and anger management programming for individuals court-ordered to counseling. Brooke’s emerging specialties at Dawning Phoenix are adolescent motivation and success, couples counseling, and works with individual adults or teens seeking personal growth, life improvement, or clinical counseling assistance with a range of mental health disorders.

Brooke is particularly helpful in applying strategies of cognitive-behavioral therapy for clients desiring consistently maintained improvement in the structure of their lives. She excels in assisting clients with their participation in the activities needed during therapy to reach their personal goals. Brooke’s specialties in couples’ theory include premarital therapy, co-parenting for partners who share children but may or may not co-habitate, and couples who have been married 10 years or less and/or under age 40. She conducts family therapy from a systems perspective, to help families support all members in a meaningful manner. Brooke is a strong child advocate and can be a voice for children’s needs in the couples and family therapeutic models. Brooke hopes to add play therapy to her training and applied skills. Her passions are family, horseback riding, volunteering in hippotherapy, horsemanship, and music. Brooke’s approach in therapy is to help clients design needed structure in their lives, assist them in learning skills for maintaining positive change, and facilitate a path to self-discovery and personal growth.  No insurance is accepted at Dawning Phoenix, but associate rates mirror typical co-pays.  See “associate rates” under our rates tab for more information on counseling rates with Ms. Williams-Turk.

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