Couples Counseling l Gainesville, GA

Couples Counseling Gainesville, GA

Welcome to couples counseling! After reviewing below information, please call us at (678) 965-9591 to schedule an appointment. Our couples model begins with 3-4 initial sessions, each session lasting 70-80 minutes. Your 1st session is an intake, which includes informed consent, orientation to couples counseling, and gathering the couples’ history. The 2nd session consists of 2 (two) 45-minute appointments totaling 90 minutes and comprises a one-on-one session with each spouse/partner. These back-to-back sessions collect an individual history with each person. The 3rd session clarifies problem areas, includes a problem discussion, and establishes counseling goals. By this session, we are working towards identified objectives. In these first 3 sessions, you complete several forms (fill in the blank, sentence completion, etc.) to help us understand you better. Each person will take some formal assessments, too. The 4th session includes feedback utilizing data gained from assessments, which help identify the most effective strategies that can work in meeting the couple’s goals. Most couples continue extended 70 or 80-minute sessions until less time is required. Rates will reflect the length of time reserved for the couple. Dawn is a clinical supervisor, licensed counselor, and the executive director of Dawning Phoenix. She specializes in couples with ongoing training in couples’ dynamics. She most often sees couples that are experiencing conflict and/or disconnection. Rates for Dawn are $190 for up to 80 minutes, with at least 48 hours (2 business days) notice requested for cancellation. Dawn sees clients by appointment Tuesdays – Fridays from 1-8 PM, usually on a rotating bi-weekly basis. Our last couples’ session begins no later than 6:30 PM due to the extended session period. Evening appointments are a priority, so cancellations are discouraged due to the impact on others. PLEASE HONOR THE CANCELLATION POLICY. We do not book appointments via email. Plan to arrive at least 30 minutes early on the day of your first appointment. If you have access to a printer, we can send 1-2 forms via email prior to your initial session. These must be completed and brought with you, but both parties need to arrive 30 minutes early to sign informed consent. Clients receive a cash receipt upon payment at the beginning of the session. Rates quoted reflect our cash rate; credit cards are an additional $10 convenience fee per charge occurrence. You may have noticed on the website that we do not accept any insurancedo not process any third-party payments, and usually do not provide a diagnostic code for insurance reimbursement. This meets several goals to serve clients, including higher levels of confidentiality, with greater flexibility in client treatment. A payments summary, in the form of an invoice, can be provided for a document fee, allowing individuals to obtain reimbursement from a Health Savings Account, should that be an option for you. We look forward to meeting you!


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