Dawning Phoenix is Shifting Focus



Dawning Phoenix is shifting focus to our life, health, and relationship coaching service. We have temporarily suspended accepting new counseling clients, as caseloads for clinical counseling have been full for some time. If you found us while searching for couples counseling, please read this post to determine if relationship coaching is a fit for you. Relationship coaching is a goal-oriented approach to improving your relationships. It focuses on better communication, enhanced relational skills, and reduced conflict (or conflict resolution). If your relationship is impacted by mental health needs, substance abuse, or more significant issues, you would be better served by couples counseling (sometimes called marriage counseling). If you found our page searching counseling options for yourself, and you have a clinical mental health diagnosis or are struggling with any form of substance use (alcohol, prescription medication, or illicit substances like heroin or methamphetamine), you will need a counselor currently accepting new counseling patients/clients. Individual life & health coaching focuses on targeted goals related to stress reduction, personal growth, or improved self-esteem/confidence through better life balance. Health coaching supports accomplishing specific health goals like exercise or an improved diet, as well as mindful strategies for overall better health. If this fits you, please call! We, the staff at Dawning Phoenix, appreciate your interest in our services!

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