Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety can sometimes, but not always, be experienced as two sides of one coin. One way to describe anxiety is “overworrying” while depression could be briefly described as overburdened or very tired. Frequently, individuals experience both anxiety and depression at the same time or anxiety can create fatigue, mimicking depression. Symptoms of depression appear in ways similar to fatigue. Worrying and being overwhelmed becomes tiring. Cognitive behavioral therapy, called CBT, is helpful for mild, as well as sometimes moderate, levels of depression. A combination of talk therapy, CBT, and medication are consistently supported in research as the most effective combination for depression. Many interventions used in therapy are effective for anxiety. At Dawning Phoenix, we have developed tools to assist individuals with anxiety as well as depression. If you find yourself tired a lot, ask yourself some simple questions. Do you catch yourself worrying frequently, or finding life so challenging that you are always tired? If so, find a qualified mental health professional to help you sort it out.

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