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Grief is a part of life. This is a hard truth and one that is often difficult to accept. Kubler-Ross outlined 5 stages of grief, which include anger and sadness. Some list 10 stages which include: 1) Shock, 2) Emotion, 3) Depressed and Lonely, 4) Physical Distress, 5) Anxiety or Panic, 6) Guilt, 7) Anger and Resentment, 8) A Resistance to Returning to ‘normal life’, 9) Hope, and 10) Affirm the new Reality.

More About Grief

It is hard to lose those we love. Grief is a difficult process that unfortunately, is part of living fully. To love is to risk loss. When others are able to honestly share their grief, we are all encouraged. Remembering lost loved ones with positive recollections honors their memory and ourselves. Each person struggles to move forward after loss. Those who authentically communicate their grief in a healthy way that is uniquely their own provide examples of how we might handle losses and grief in our own lives. Sharing our grief with others can help us find comfort.

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