Group Counseling l Gainesville, GA

Group Counseling  Gainesville, GA

Counseling professionals helping others grow, change, and succeed. We at Dawning Phoenix are committed to providing accessible and affordable options for life improvement. Support groups can enhance the process of change. A brief qualifying interview and short orientation is all that is required to get started in one of our groups!

Other counseling services include Individual, Couples, & Family therapy offered at competitive rates. We serve adults, adolescents, and elders. Group therapy is available only to adults at this time.

Ask about Package Specials for Groups!

Anxiety Management – This group focuses on techniques to reduce anxiety and related symptoms. 12 or more sessions; meets one hour per session. Bi-weekly, $30 per group.

Divorce Support – a process group for individuals currently entering or experiencing the divorce process. Sessions are ongoing. $30 per group.

Divorce Support Recovery – 14 sessions utilizing the Transitions Resource RECOVER/DISCOVER model and workbook. This group is for individuals who have completed the legal process and have a final decree. $45 per group, discount with package.
Divorce Support & Support Recovery meet on alternating weeks.

  • Therapeutic Groups: $25-$50 per person, per group session

No insurance is accepted at Dawning Phoenix.


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Group Counseling l Gainesville, GA