The Importance of Mediation

Speaking to the Psychology Club of Gainesville State College today about a career in mediation prompted a mental review of the importance of mediation and key points about the benefits of mediation. At its most practical, mediation is an opportunity for parties engaged in conflict to resolve disputes without going to court. This alternative form of legal dispute resolution saves everyone, including the court system, money. It also allows parties to have a much more powerful say in the outcome.

At its most idealistic, mediation allows for dispute resolution in a manner that can transform a conflict into not just a resolution so people can get on with their lives, but contains the possibility of transforming relationships behind the conflict. Mediators focus on the practical goals of dispute resolution while helping others transform conflict into solutions that assist everyone in moving forward . Conflict offers an opportunity, if we can find the courage to work through it. If you are experiencing high levels of conflict, explore the options of counseling or mediation. It might transform a bad situation into a good one, or at the least, improve a few things.

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