New Year – New Start

WinterReflection-CopyEvents and rituals help us focus, adjust, adapt, and move forward in our lives. Instead of New Year’s Resolutions (which can be very good things), I suggest goal setting, using every 3 months as benchmarks. Effective goal setting is specific, concrete, and time limited. Set some goals for your year today! At the beginning of each year, I use a sales strategy of specific, measurable goal setting, as an enhanced form of New Year’s Resolutions. Additionally, I try to break it up into quarterly, 3 month goals in order to track my progress. Consider this strategy when making the traditional New Year’s Resolutions and expect a positive year! Goal setting is effective in every area of your life. Giving yourself a clear picture of what you really want in life – in the immediate future and years down the road. It is an excellent way to keep yourself motivated and energized to take action.

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