Our Services


-Individuals (Adults & Adolescents)
Couples & Families
-Group Therapy (specialty issues)
Online Counseling for Individual Adults Aged 25+
Online Counseling for individual adults, age 25 and up, with a board-certified telemental health provider. Must meet certain criteria; Contact Us for more information
-Online or in-person
Goal-oriented, non-health care service meeting work-life balance needs or assisting clients with specific life goals.
*Conflict Resolution
Strives to resolve conflict between parties in a brief-solution oriented therapy setting

Our specialties include ANXIETY management, relationship issues, grief, personal growth, spirituality, & intimate partner abuse, as well as other disorders or problems of living. We serve INDIVIDUAL Adults, as well as COUPLES (marriage & nontraditional partnerships). We offer Brief Solution-Oriented Therapy for Conflict Resolution in circumstances such as divorce (pre-&post) or co-parenting challenges. Rates reflect the service, credentials of provider, and specialty. We do not interact with the legal system and do not prescribe medication. Contact Us to learn more about specialties and services.

Counseling and coaching
Marriage counseling
Couples counseling
Individual counseling
Conflict resolution